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Green Prairie International (GP) is a respected global wholesale supplier of quality forage products. Located just east of Lethbridge, Alberta, the company has become one of Canada’s premier processors and suppliers of long-fiber timothy and alfalfa hay to valued international markets.

Established in 1988 by John Van Hierden, GP has succeeded by adhering to the principle that long-term viability can only be attained through accountability to their customers, producers and employees as well as a responsibility for the community. GP is committed to the success and satisfaction of each member of the Hay Export Team – from the producer to the end consumer. Only by total team effort can they ensure the product being delivered to the consumer will meet their needs and quality expectations.

Green Prairie is always on the move to obtain a better product, service and a satisfied stakeholder!

Over the years, Green Prairie International Inc. has seen many changes in the industry and in 2013 it will celebrate its’ 25th anniversary and it will look forward to continued success.

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