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Green Prairie is proud to be the first North American forage company to offer a new air dried hay product to their customers. Green Prairie’s GreenCured is a new way of processing crop coming from the field at a slightly higher moisture level. The product is further dried in a revolutionary air drying process within our facility. We are able to offer our customers a green product while offering suppliers less risk farming their forages.

We are looking to contract more Alfalfa acres for our new GreenCured product. Please contact our procurement department if you are interested.
Brian Schmidt: 403-394-6967 or send us an e-mail.


The process

At first, the hay is baled in the field in a normal way, but at a slightly higher moisture level than it would be normally baled at. The bales are transported to our facility where they are processed with the help of our new system.

The hay can further cure using warm air, drying it down to good moisture levels. A large belt then takes the hay to a Jumbo bale press, allowing the product to cool down in the meantime.

Our Jumbo bale press then double compresses the hay into bales of approximately 430-450kg, making it ready to be shipped out all over the world!

Our GreenCured process is unique and we are proud to be the only North American company offering this product.


Benefitting both farmers and customers

With GreenCured, we are able to take out some of the weather risks that growing hay can bring to farmers. The GreenCured program allows for earlier baling after cutting the hay, making sure forages do not become bleached or are exposed to showers.

End users of GreenCured hay receive a product which is high in feed value and has a beautiful green color!

Hay from the field is brought into our facility
The processing plant in Lethbridge, Alberta
The end result: Jumbo bales






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