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New and innovative package with North American premium pet hay

With our premium Timothy hay we have the best quality for your pet. The hay is sieved from dust and screened for metal before compressing and packaging. The innovative pre-sliced packaging makes this product perfect for the retail market as it is very easy to use. With our unique and exclusive packaging, we are able to package our product in various sizes and weights. After removing the product from the package the hay can expand up to 8 times its compressed size. Green Prairie only selects premium grade Timothy for their packages. Our quality control systems ensures a steady quality level and taste. Whether the shipment travels by truck, rail, or container, Green Prairie expedites delivery of our quality products throughout the world.

The packages are easy to store and easy to use because of the pre-sliced package, which allows you to keep your place tidy. The compressed hay expands to up to eight times it’s original size.

Our product exists of the following distinctive details:

*         Premium Timothy Hay

*         Natural product – No additives

*         Product of North America

*         Checked for maximum quality

*         Pre-sliced into 4 portions (1kg)

*         Pre-sliced into 5 portions (2.5kg)

*         Compressed package

 Benefits for you as a wholesaler:

*         Up to double quantity truckloads: great transport advantage

*         Small packaging which takes less shelf space in stores/warehouses

*         Innovative / attractive product

*         Competitive price


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