Export & Logistics

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Green Prairie benefits from its close proximity to major transportation hubs. With exceptional logistics, you can expect frequent and in-time delivery by truck or by ship. Green Prairie has 25 years of experience being a global supplier of forage products

Container Top lift

Green Prairie has the only loaded container handling top lift in southern Alberta. This provides a great degree of flexibility in moving loads efficiently. A truck does not wait long to have its container taken off of the chassis and a new container placed back on. This maximizes the time the trucks and drivers are on the road and minimizes the waiting time. The top lift also allows for the loading of several different combinations of trailers to maximize loaded mileage.

Container Depot

With a consistent flow of trucks making trips to the rail yards in Calgary and the port of Long Beach, CA, Green Prairie is able with the top lift to pick up empty containers as they become available and set them on site to ensure there is enough equipment to complete an order and to ensure the equipment is on site when needed on the production schedule.

Trucking Fleet

A modern fleet of highway tractors, triaxle intermodal container chassis and step deck trailers ensures that Green Prairie has the right equipment to ensure that loads are moved safely and efficiently to the destination. With the large number of trucks moving the containers back and forth to Calgary or Long Beach, careful logistics coordination provides the required documents and allows flexibility in scheduling pickups for other customers.

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