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Besides buying hay from regional producers, Green Prairie has 2 own facilities for growing crops.

Cascade Farms, Lethbridge, AB

Cascade Farms is a full subsidiary of Green Prairie that grows quality hay on their own farm. Cascade employs 5 workers. Besides growing crop for itself, Cascade also performs custom work for other farmers in the region. We work with the latest tractors and baling equipment.

Cascade mainly grows timothy, but has also some alfalfa fields. Besides, the company is involved in the development of fertilizer programs and plant biology. By farming and developing by itself, Green Prairie can stay up to date on the most recent methods for farming and growing crops. This helps us with our relationships with other producers.

GP USA, Beryl, Utah

This facility is strategically located in the center of a large alfalfa growing area; we also currently draw forages from Arizona and Nevada. Because of Arizona’s favorable growing conditions, and having the ability to harvest up to eight cuts of alfalfa product annually consistent quality product is readily available. While a good portion of that product has traditionally supplied the California dairy market, there is an opportunity to utilize the summer hay for our export markets. The Escalante Valley in Utah is also a prime location for sourcing alfalfa, an estimated of 50,000 – 100,000 MT, grown annually in this valley alone. While U.S. alfalfa from the Utah regions will be the main supply in the short run, programs to expand our product line, Timothy hay are also being developed that area with local producers at this time. This new product is used to supply our expanding markets such as China, India, Vietnam and the Middle East, as well as supplying our current traditional markets. This year GP USA is scheduled to ship over 30,000 tons of alfalfa from our Utah facility to supply those markets.

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