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Green Prairie’s forage products are compressed into bales that allow for easy and efficient handling. State of the art compressing facilities allow Green Prairie to efficiently process forage crops to give consumers maximum return on investments.

Our production facility is equipped with 2 self designed, patented presses.

Jumbo Bale Press

This press is set up to accept chopped product to produce a 450kg compressed bale in a sleeve. This bale is preferred by many large farms that incorporate these bales into total mixed rations (TMR). This facility is set up to allow for the mixing of product to create custom blends of timothy and alfalfa.

Big Bale Press

The Big bale press is designed to accept large 4×4 or 3×4 bales. These bales are sliced and compressed in a fully automated press that is capable of producing at a rate up to 24 Metric tonnes per hour. Output bales are cut into smaller bales through a cutter box to the size preferred by the end user.

Bale sizes

After compressing, the following bales are available:

  • Jumbo bale: 420-430kg
  • Small bales: 30kg, 40kg, 60kg & 120kg

Through these state of the art compression technologies, GP is able to load up to 26 Metric tons per 40’ container. This leads to fewer costs for the customer because of the ability to maximize the volume per container.

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