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We pride ourselves in the full assurance that the product we deliver consistently meets the needs and expectations of the customers. Careful attention is given to forage crops from their early growth and development stages to their harvest. This careful attention continues right through delivery to the plant and processing ensuring the products are free from contamination and meet high quality standards fit for shipment to the consumer. Through our 25 years of experience we assure the highest quality product for our customers.


High quality forage starts with accurate and objective grading. Our field representatives carefully monitor the crops and obtain random quality samples of the product. Green Prairie International has incorporated an advanced sample storage facility and processing room to monitor grade standards and geographical growing regions.

All hay is graded into the following categories:

  • Supreme
  • Premium
  • Choice
  • Standard
  • Utility

Green Prairie has been instrumental in the development of a standardized national grading system. By working together with the Canadian Hay Association and Hinz TechnologiesĀ®, a technologically advanced, computerized hay grading system has been developed. This application allows us to analyze the forage samples for color, categorizing the hay according to the grading standards. It also allows us to objectively analyze the brown leaf in the product.

Field Management

Green Prairie works closely with its producers to ensure that all forage crops are of a high quality standard for export. Knowing that quality starts from the ground up, we make ourselves available to offer help and advice to our producers.


Green Prairie pays careful attention to ensure that all of its product is stored properly. The product is protected to keep rain, snow and moisture out as well as protect the hay from the sun to avoid bleaching of the color. Effort is continually made to minimize contamination of the product.

It is important that all hay destined for export markets is removed from the fields shortly in short order after being baled and stored in an area that protects it from the elements to preserve its quality.

While the majority of the product grown is stored in steel or wooden structures until the time it is brought to the plant for processing, some of the product is tarped in the fields.

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