Timothy hay is a long fibre grass and is often used for cattle feed and as hay for horses. Timothy can be mixed with other ingredients such as alfalfa. In comparison with other forage crops, timothy is more digestible for cattle and horses. Fertile farmland in Western Canada is ideal for growing premium timothy hay. Long hours of sunshine during the growing season in combination with the somewhat cooler climate offer ideal conditions for the growth and production of forage products that are unsurpassed in quality anywhere in the world.

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Alfalfa (or Lucerne) is often referred to as the “Queen of the forages” and is commonly used for dairy cattle, horses and beef cattle. It has the highest yield potential and one of the highest feeding values of all modified perennial forage legumes. It has a high protein and calcium content and a highly digestible fibre. Thanks to the anaerobic fermentation, alfalfa maintains high nutrient levels comparable to those of fresh forage. Alfalfa is rich in proteins, calcium, plus other minerals and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K.

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From hay to grain, Green Prairie Int. is passionate to help you. We have a specialized department that focuses on the purchase, sale and transport of feed grains across Western Canada and the Northern US. Our division consists of a marketing and logistics team able to assist you with all your grain needs, whether it is feed barley, wheat, rye, oats, canola or any other type of grain.

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Green Prairie is proud to offer our customers a unique product!
As the first forage company in North America we offer a revolutionary air-dried hay product: Green Prairie’s GreenCured.
A new way to process crops with a slightly higher moisture content from the field. The product is further dried in a revolutionary air-drying process within our facility.
A green product for our customers and less risk for our suppliers.

We are looking to contract more alfalfa acres for our new GreenCured product!
Please contact our procurement department if you are interested;
Brian Schmidt: 403-394-6967 or send us an e-mail.

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Our GreenCured process
is unique and we are
proud to be the only
North American company
offering this product.
Our GreenCured hay is grown by dedicated farmers.
The hay is baled in the field in a normal way, but earlier than normal. This results in a higher moisture level than usual.
The hay is further cured in our patented equipment. We use warm air, drying the hay down to proper moisture levels.
Early harvest means lower weather risks for the farmers and for the consumer a high value feed product with beautiful green colour!
Our specialized and unique Jumbo bale press double compresses the hay into bales of 430-450 kg. Ready to be shipped out all over the world!


With GreenCured we can eliminate some of the weather risks that growing hay can bring to farmers. The GreenCured program ensures earlier baling after cutting the hay, making sure that forages do not become bleached or are exposed to showers.

End users of GreenCured hay receive a product which is high in feed value and has a beautiful green colour!


Green Prairie’s forage products are compressed into bales that enable easy and efficient handling. Thanks to state-of-the-art compression facilities, Green Prairie can efficiently process forage crops to offer consumers a maximum return on investments. Our production facility is equipped with two self-designed, patented presses.

Jumbo Bale PressThis press is set up to accept chopped product to produce a 450 kg compressed bale in a sleeve. This bale is preferred by many large farms that incorporate these bales into total mixed ration (TMR). This facility has been set up to allow for the mixing of products to create custom blends of timothy and alfalfa.

Big Bale PressThe big bale press is designed to accept large 4×4 or 3×4 bales. These bales are sliced and compressed in a fully automated press that can produce at a rate up to 24 metric tonnes per hour. Through a cutter box, output bales are cut into smaller bales to the size preferred by the end user.

120 kg
  • Height 23 1/2″ = 59,5 cm
  • Width 17 3/4″ = 45 cm
  • Length 50″ = 127 cm
60 kg
  • Height 23 1/2″ = 59,5 cm
  • Width 17 3/4″ = 45 cm
  • Length 25″ = 63,5 cm
40 kg
  • Height 16″= 40 cm
  • Width 17 3/4″= 45 cm
  • Length 25″= 63,5 cm
30 kg
  • Height 11 3/4″ = 29 cm
  • Width 17 3/4″ = 45 cm
  • Length 25″ = 63,5 cm
  • Height 5’’ = 12,5 cm
  • Width 6 3/4’’ = 17 cm
  • Length 15’’ = 38 cm
  • Height 5 1/4’’ = 13 cm
  • Width 12 1/2’’ = 31,5 cm
  • Length 15’’ = 38 cm
  • Height 8/1/4’’ = 20,5 cm
  • Width 13’’ = 33cm
  • Length 16’’ = 40,5cm
450 kg
average bale (Jumbo bale), Corn Silage

Corn Silage

  • Height 29 3/4 ‘’ = 75,5 cm
  • Width 47 1/2’’ = 120,5 cm
  • Length 43 3/4 = 111 cm
450 kg
average bale (Jumbo bale), Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

  • Height 29 3/4 ‘’ = 75,5 cm
  • Width 47 1/2’’ = 120,5 cm
  • Length 43 3/4 = 111 cm

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Dried corn silage

Green Prairie can deliver alfalfa, timothy or mixed pellets or cubes. These can be delivered in bulk or bagged prior to shipping for end user convenience.

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We offer high quality timothy, alfalfa and mixed hays for the global equine markets. Our qualified and experienced personnel have years of experience in dealing with all different equine hay products. We are very knowledgeable, focused on quality control and we have flexible packaging options to suit our customers needs.

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At Green Prairie we are passionate about pets and we only source the best premium products for our small animals. Green Prairie pet food products are distributed throughout the world, North America is our largest market. We supply all major pet food outlets and retail stores. The automated packing lines give us world-class efficiency in the industry. We offer products in a private label and in our Green Prairie brand. We offer only premium timothy for all our pet food products.

All natural, high fiber hay